Feb 2018 - Land evaluation consultation


On Feb 23rd and 24th there was a drop in consultation at the Village Hall, specifically looking at potential land allocation.

The Woodcote Plan Volunteers presented 6 stands:

  1. Map of Sites that best meet criteria
  2. Why do anything
  3. Site Evaluation Criteria
  4. Detail on Sites that best meet the criteria
  5. Housing Requirements
  6. Housing Design

Attendees were asked to fill in a questionnaire asking for their views on the sites. Over 400 have been submitted. Draft results are now available to show the basic support for sites (see below), and other sites which were mentioned. A full report will be compiled including assessing each and every comment made (several hundred) - this will take some time to produce - we are aiming to have this by early May 2018. As the SODC plan is now delayed, we can take our time to get things right.

gallery/feb2018 draft summary results