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 KEy milestones and tools



Our new Neighbourhood Plan will be timed to co-incide with the publication of South Oxfordshires (SODC) Local Plan. We need to have a referendum within 1 year of SODC publishing their plan in order that SODC do not take back control and ignore local needs.

Unfortunately SODC’s Local Plan is in difficulty, it may not come into force this year as hoped. There are a number of problems concerning a key strategic site (Chalgrove Airfield) and other internal political difficulties. This may lead to a significant delay of between 6 and 12 months. We will continue to progress our plan reflecting on the results of the Feb 2018 Village consultation.

John Cotton the leader of the SODC Conservative Group resigned from this position meaning a new council leader may take over shortly - further adding to the uncertainty of when the SODC Local plan will be ready.


One of the tools used in identifying whether land put forward by landowners might be suitable, is the evaluation criteria document. This was summarised at the Feb 2018 consultation, the full evaluation criteria is detailed detailed in this document. This document specifies each of the 40 criteria and guidance notes. This is the criteria that was used when assessing each parcel of land and its potential suitability. The criteria was generated from the current neighbourhood plan, and was revalidated via the Jan 2017 village wide questionnaire (70% response) to ensure the views of the village had not changed significantly (they hadn't).