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TERMS of reference for Housing TYPE working GROUP


Produce a recommendation of the type of dwellings that Woodcote requires as part of the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan 2. The recommendations for the overall housing mix, and each potential site will include: 

  • Size of dwellings (in terms of bedrooms)
  • Type of dwelling (e.g. Semi detached, Apartment)
  • Basic design recommendations – e.g. conformance to the Chilterns Design Guide
  • Environmental and Sustainability requirements

 The recommendations will consider both open market housing, and affordable (Social rented / Shared Ownership) housing. In order to produce the recommendations, the group will:

1. Assess Woodcote's existing Housing stock by affordability, size and type differentiating between affordable (social rented / shared ownership) and market housing.

2. Understand current and future Population trends by age group, tenure type and likely family size.

3. Liaise with South Oxfordshire District Council and Housing South, as well as local estate agencies and other data sources to understand the housing mix requirement in Woodcote over the duration of WNP2.

4. Ensure overall compliance with the emerging South Oxfordshire Local Plan, or provide evidence if the housing mix of Woodcote differs from the Local Plan.

5. Canvas Woodcote residents for their needs for the future.

6. Participate in public consultation(s) to verify general support for any recommendations.