Woodcote Plan Volunteers

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In September 2016, Woodcote Parish Council (WPC) invited Geoff Botting to reform the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group (NPAG) to consider revisions to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) to conform with the emerging South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) Local Plan and make recommendations to the WPC.

NPAG is a separate group of residents and councillors and is not a sub-committee of WPC – the formal relationship between WPC and NPAG is defined here.  WPC defined the terms of reference for NPAG and approved the membership of the group.  All members are appointed by the WPC and all members are required to declare any interests in potential development sites.

NPAG may create working groups to consider specific aspects and will define terms of reference for those sub-groups.

The Site Evaluation Working Group (SEWG) is responsible for assessing potential development sites and making recommendations to NPAG – terms of reference for SEWG.  The members of the SEWG are Geoff Botting, Malcolm Smith, David Humphries and David Croft.

The Housing Type Assessment Working Group (HTAWG) is responsible for assessing the local housing need taking into consideration the mix and type of houses needed – terms of reference for HTAWG.  The members of the HNAWG are Jerry Green, Mark Lillywhite, Liam Woolley, Geoff Botting and Richard Fletcher.