Woodcote Plan Volunteers

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Committee Members

The Neigbourhood Plan Advisory Group is comprised of Woodcote residents who volunteered to help produce the next iteration of the Neighbourhood Plan. Any resident of Woodcote is welcome to volunteer - simply email questions@woodcotendp.org.uk and we'll be in touch.

The WNP Advisory Group:

  • is an ad hoc group of volunteers created in 2011 by two residents concerned about the future development of Woodcote They saw the proposed (at the time) introduction of Neighbourhood Plans as a valuable means of giving resident a strong voice in what was a conversation between developers and planning officers and excluded the community.
  • At an extraordinary Parish Meeting in the summer of 2011 (called to discuss a planning application for 100+ houses on Hilltop Field ) the opportunity was taken to call for volunteers to join an independent volunteer group to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • A group of 15 emerged, gained formal recognition and funding and set to work in September 2011.
  • Following a series of consultations and desk research the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan was submitted for Independent Examination in May 2013.
  • The Plan was examined and seen by the Independent Examiner to meet the conditions required by the relevant legislation and allowed to go forward to referendum.
  • In April 2014 60% of the village voted and gave a 91% Yes vote when asked whether they supported the Plan.
  • In May 2014 the Plan was formally ‘made’ and became the most significant document to be used when determining planning applications in Woodcote.
  • In 2016 SODC announced that problems with its Core Strategy required that it produce a new Local Plan – one extending to 2033.
  • For the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan to maintain its primacy when determining planning applications in Woodcote required that it be updated and brought into force as soon as possible after the new Local Plan was adopted.
  • In late 2016 a new group of volunteers was assembled – some old hands, some new – to manage the update. The terms of reference and member ship of this new group are given below.


Terms of Reference


Task:                           to review the WNP to identify areas requiring amendment and recommend appropriate changes to the PC (as the designated body).

Membership:          those of the previous Advisory Group who wish to participate plus other residents who either volunteer or are co-opted by the AG for their contribution to the balance or work of the AG.

Reporting:                 informal updates to be provided to the community and the PC as, and when, appropriate.

Timing:                       the revised plan to be ready for submission to SODC for the final consultation once the Inspector’s report on the District Council’s updated Local Plan is available and the content of the new Local Plan reasonably stable.

Budget:                      to be determined.

Funding:                    all activities to be funded by grants. The Parish council, as the designated body for the NP, will apply for grants and reimburse the Advisory Group for appropriate expenditure incurred.


Official Standing

The Advisory Group is an ad hoc group of volunteers and has no official standing. It is not, for example, a delegated committee of the Parish Council and, although the Parish Council is the ‘designated body’, the Parish Council:

  • has no right to appoint or remove members or receive minutes or other reports;
  • can neither set nor approve the Terms of Reference;
  • has no say in the Governance of the Advisory Group. The Group determines its own operating procedures and methodologies and elects its own chair;
  • The advisory Group submit the proposed Neighbourhood Plan tp the parish council who may accept or reject the recommendations of the adviory group;
  • Ultimately the independent examiner and the village (via a referendum) decide if the Neighbourhood Plan is acceptable;


Members of the Parish Council (the designated body), may attend.


Membership (01-Mar-18)


Geoffrey Botting (Chair) (Sep-11)
David Croft (Sep-12)
Sam Fuller (Feb-18)
David Humphris (Sep-11)
Giles Lovegrove    (Dec-17)
Caroline Svendesen (Sep-11)
Liam Woolley (Sep-11)
John Ballanger (Sep-11)
Richard Fletcher (Mar-17)
Jerry Green (Sep-11)
Mark Lillywhite (Sep-11)
Malcolm Smith (Nov-13)
Brian Williams (Feb-17)