Woodcote Parish Council

Why update the Plan?

Change IS inevitable


Whilst the original 2014 neighbourhood plan still carries a great deal of planning weight, South Oxfordshire District Council's Local Plan (in effect the parent of our Neighbourhood Plan) has been ruled invalid because it did not contain enough sites for the housing deemed necessary (by central government) over the next 5 years - something developers are now trying to exploit.
Despite this. recent planning decisions have supported our Neighbourhood Plan and protected Woodcote from unwanted development, but with millions at stake developers will continue to try their luck. An updated Neighbourhood Plan will strengthen that protection and extend the plan period by 6 years to 2033.




As South Oxfordshire work on the revised Local Plan, the next 12 months represents a great opportunity to reiterate villagers views already gathered on housing, and to explore other land uses that might be appropriate. These could be:



Community Facilities



Car Parking


It is important that our Neighbourhood Plan is the latest plan adopted for our village and thus the Parish Council have set the Advisory Group the task of having an updated plan ready for examination as soon as the new South Oxfordshire Local plan is adopted. A draft of the South Oxfordhire Local plan is expected end of March 2017, which will contain the all important 'Housing formula' for how South Oxforshire expects to meet government targets.